About Us

Inara is a German company that was founded more than 9 years ago out of a passion for beautiful and affordable jewelry.

In our shop we would like to offer you exceptional, high-quality and lovingly selected pieces of jewelry. The focus is on unusual designs and the magnificent colors of the various gemstones that our earth gives us. All pieces of jewelry are made of solid 925 sterling silver and set with genuine gemstones and pearls from the specified countries of origin. Only the small colorless cubic zirconia (CZ) are synthetically produced, but cannot be distinguished from diamonds with the naked eye. The use of cubic zirconia is always stated in the item description - where applicable. All pieces of jewelry are delivered in a beautifully designed jewelry case.

We place great value on seriousness and trust in our dealings with our customers. We have been selling successfully on eBay for 9 years and are pleased with 100 percent customer satisfaction and more than 2,300 positive customer reviews .

Put your trust in us too!